Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What is it they say about filming with children and animals? Cause I clearly didn't get the memo...

In the last week I have filmed with: a mouse, a yowly Tonkinese, a paper shredding Burmese, a toy poodle type dog, a grumpy Persian cat the size of a small dog, a couple of sheep, a Husky dog, a couple of Devon Rex cats, Kunekune pigs, a shoulder-perching chicken, a miniature pony, three children and a stuffed dog.

And I didn't even go mad. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

They Can Both Fly.....

I have talked before about my brother Sunshine and his love for attempting to fly, multi sports and carrying on in the face of pain  (a few years ago he managed most of a 15k run, 18k bike and a 10k kayak with a dislocated shoulder). Here's him attempting to fly in Puerto Rico a few years ago.
So it really shouldn't surprise me to learn that he discovered one month after a skiing accident, a month that included one eighty-five and two one hundred kilometre bike rides as well as two days skiing that he had actually broken his shoulder in two places. 

I suppose what really shouldn't surprise me more was that he actually asked his surgeon if he could continue his training so he would be able to compete in said bike race.

And it's very clear he's handed his ability to bounce on to his son....

I already feel sorry for what Angus's body is about to go through, going forward.