Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jetstarred, I narrowly avoided it.

So after months of managing to avoid flying Jetstar, I got seduced into it because it came down to a matter of dollars. When you're smiling down the barrel of a two hundred dollar difference, I can't justify paying for minor details like reliability.

Anyway, being Little-Miss-Anal-Checking-Online-Pants, the day before I was due to fly I looked at my flight's status. And I discovered that, 24 hours out, my plane was already delayed by two and a half hours. Jetstar was already stealing a whole lot of my Friday evening real estate and, quite frankly, that real estate is expensive and I wasn't prepared to give any of it up...let alone to Jetstar.

So on I leapt to the telephone and tried to wangle myself an earlier flight. Unfortunately they were all full.

'Isn't there any way I can there?'

'Okay, I'll see what I can do for you.'

'Pleeease', I grovel-begged, 'that would be really kind of you.'

'I'll see if I can get you on Qantas.'

'Hmmm', think I, 'I didn't think Qantas was flying domestically anymore in New Zealand - but maybe she knows something I don't, best I kept my trap shut'.

After a few minutes she came back on the line, 'I can get you on the Wellington to Christchurch at 5.30 pm.'

'Okaaaay, but how do I get to Wellington?'

'Can't you drive?'

'It's a nine hour drive....'


Needless to say, that was a fruitless phone call, but the nice lady did give me access to all the free stuff in the lounge.

However, eventually I did manage to to wangle myself an earlier flight which pleased me alot - especially as I discovered the flight I originally was booked on landed at....2.07 a.m.

The only good thing about being previously Jetstarred, is that it potentially arms you with the weapons of how to avoid it in the future.

I think.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crikey, my dream brain is losing the plot.

I had a dream last night that my friends, the parents-of-four-boys-nine-and-under, had all moved to Japan. Not too outlandish scenario, considering they used to live there. They even took their car. Okay, potentially not so economic, but an not-out-of-this-world thing to do.

In my dream I went to visit them and they were all in fine form. Again, within the realms of possibility.

They had a acquired a new dog. Not too far fetched, either.

Just one thing not quite so usual - its ears.
They were the design of television test patterns.

Just your average nondescript dog with really colourful ears.

It's at this point I ask myself: just where does this shit come from ?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So I've been following the News of the World story with avid interest.....

..and I have one observation.

Actually I have many - but I'm just going to make one here. And it's not going to be that Rebekah Brooks looks like Mick Hucknall.

(But don't you reckon they may have shared the same hairdresser at some point?)

No, my observation is, didn't The News of the World newsroom sound like a hideous place to work in?

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's my party and I'll riot if I want to.

So I was having a beer with some friends on Saturday night and we were talking about the nearly-upon-us Rugby World Cup. They live a stone's throw from Eden Park, home to the final.

'Oh god', said one, 'I just hope we don't lose, can you imagine how we'll behave?'

'We can't lose, ohhhh, we just can't lose', said another.

'Don't even suggest it', said another.

'Morale will be horrific,' said another.

'No', said the first, 'Can you imagine what people could do, if we lose?'

And then it dawned on me. If we lose, there is the potential we will behave appallingly.

' Oh no', said I, 'under "Poor Losers" in the dictionary I think it says, 'New Zealand after losing a World Cup final. Under "Poor Losers and Even Worse Hosts" is 'New Zealand after losing a World Cup final - when they're hosting it.'

Nope, not an outcome I'm willing to contemplate.

Okay, so I already have.

Just as long as we don't have an Armageddon style riot.

Now that would be embarrassing.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Should I be concerned that I potentially have a little too much on my plate when I get to the car to discover I've put the remote control in my handbag and not my telephone?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In case you were wondering...

I haven't bailed! Just got a few big things to get done and delivered...back in a day or two...!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

I am so transparent.

I wasn't going to post other people's material today.


Not one intention.

No, this post was going to fall right out of my head, through my fingers and into this piece of blog real estate.

But that was before I sashayed over to Awkward Family Photo and found this.
Yes, that is a bride and those are her bridesmaids. (And, I assume, her stuffed toys?)

Oh, let me count the ways how I love people.

Especially those who make guest appearances over at Awkward Family Photo.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Fashion, she's got one hell of a sense of humour.

Check out what she's been up to.

Just in case you'd forgotten, or missed it along the way.

A friend of mine sent me this and, oh my, there's lots more where this selection came from.

I'm picking Star Wars has a lot to answer for as well as The Flying Nun. See you on the other side.

I think I can successfully say that I've left the best for last. I'm going to struggle to beat 'Men in Belted Sweaters.' Fashion pulled off a beauty when she came up with that one. (Mind you, that collar on steroids is proving mighty stiff competition).

Giddy up.