Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wise Words

This was just posted by a friend of mine on Facebook. 


The health system isn’t perfect but few of us question it.

The car is a great place to cry.

Health is impossible to buy.

Doctors give you their educated opinion not a guarantee. Don’t treat it as such.

If someone makes you cry in public changing the subject is good.
If someone makes you cry in private its nice if they cry with you.

Things may or may not happen for a reason. Regardless of this, they happen all the same.

How you react to what has happened is something you can control, even if it feels like you cant sometimes.

Its possible to feel like you are doing great, and terrible at the same time.

You will probably not die instantly in an accident, so stop fooling yourself that the crap you put in your body isn’t going to matter.

Its nice to think something we call coincidence is not that at all.

Dying people have really silly regrets too – so let yours go, no one else probably even cares.

We spend more money on our car than our health.

TV, Games, Facebook and Work are probably forever, the one laying next to you at night definitely isn’t.

Nearly twelve months ago she lost her partner - incredibly swiftly and brutally - to stomach cancer. 

He was a fit, strapping fire fighter. 

And he wasn't even thirty. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pet Crocodiles.

Over at Laughing Squid you will find the post that hosts this photo called, 'Crocodiles Eat, An Anamorphic 3D Painting Installed Inside of a Home.'

I just thought 'Crikey, where's Steve Irwin when you need him?' 

Oh that's right, a pissed off stingray got to him first. 

But I have to say, this is taking talent to another level. 

Check out the reverse view.

The clever clogs who created it is a German artist by the name of  Nikolaj Arndt.

I always knew mirrors gave another perspective to a room, however I now know that carpet can also pull of the same effect. 

Who'da thought?

And credit for my morning talk goes to Brother-in-law via David Thompson.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


As I hadn't been over to Awkward Family Photo for a while, I thought I'd swing by for a quick peak. 

And, as usual, they never fail to deliver. Check out this piece of gold. 
I think this could be called Sensational in Satin.

I'm really hoping the grass isn't wet, though.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Small Flat White with a Sugar to Go.

As I was walking to work this morning I was silently thanking the World for giving us coffee. 

It makes me so much nicer in the mornings.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hello Spring

Not to be outdone by the opening of the Olympics, Christchurch welcomes the first days of Spring. 

No dynamite was used in the construction of this post.