Tuesday, September 06, 2011

You know when the Rugby World Cup is about to start when...

...you're at your local cafe (which is a stone's throw from Eden Park) and you notice a new face amongst all the regulars.

Except this new face is not quite the same as the other faces. This new face is dressed stunningly.

A beautifully tailored leather jacket, a skirt to the ground. A bit like this but floatier.
Olive skinned, manicured, pedicured, minimalist makeup. Diamonds, not the size of my head but closer to the size of rice, in her ears.

Understated yet so stylish.

Basically, if you ever wanted to feel like a bush pig, this is the woman to stand beside.

When she ordered her coffee, it was with a French lilt.

If you ever wanted to sound like a bush pig, this is the woman to stand beside. (Could someone explain why a French accent makes, 'May I please have an espresso?' sound so much more interesting).

You tell the blokes were thinking, 'Smoking hot' and the women were thinking, 'I felt quite good when I left the house, now I feel like Barney Rubble'.

Yes, a taste of the next six weeks to come.

It's going to be fun.


Tinman said...

Don't worry, we'll be there too, with our freckles and our gingerness and our belief that you can wear a tracksuit to almost anything.

You'll feel gorgeous.

laughykate said...

Stunning ! And you're starting off as - no doubt - you intend to continue, I see!