Thursday, June 07, 2012

Taking the Piss

There’s a woman who sits on the footpath near my workplace and asks for spare change from all and sundry who walk by.

Recently I stopped feeling guilty about not giving her any coins after I spotted her smoking when she was on a break.

I didn’t realise quite how experienced she was at parking up and requesting money until the other day when I spotted her on the ground outside bakery. I heard the end of a conversation she was having with a stranger who had stopped. He was telling her he would buy her a cheesy roll.

‘Could ya get them to heat it up?’ She yelled after him as he headed into the bakery.

And in one small sentence she reiterated why I give my spare change to kids who busk. 


injaynesworld said...

I've often pondered the term "spare change." If I give my change away, and then I need it, it wasn't spare, was it? How ya doin', Kate?

AJB said...

To more or less quota a lyric "Buskers are just beggars with guitars". :)

laughykate said...

And I reckon Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Eric Clapton would agree that it's a great place to start AJB!