Monday, September 24, 2012

Pet Crocodiles.

Over at Laughing Squid you will find the post that hosts this photo called, 'Crocodiles Eat, An Anamorphic 3D Painting Installed Inside of a Home.'

I just thought 'Crikey, where's Steve Irwin when you need him?' 

Oh that's right, a pissed off stingray got to him first. 

But I have to say, this is taking talent to another level. 

Check out the reverse view.

The clever clogs who created it is a German artist by the name of  Nikolaj Arndt.

I always knew mirrors gave another perspective to a room, however I now know that carpet can also pull of the same effect. 

Who'da thought?

And credit for my morning talk goes to Brother-in-law via David Thompson.


Jo said...

He's unbelievable, have you seen all his street ones? No idea how he does it.

laughykate said...

Only just seen them, Jo. That's got to be one complicated brain he owns.