Thursday, January 24, 2013

Envious? Moi?

My 15 year old niece is currently on a five week exchange in Salt Lake City.

It suddenly occurred to me this morning that Sundance, the Holy Grail of indie film festivals, is on at the moment.

I emailed her and asked about it, very excited.

She replied:

'Oh yeah, it's in Park City. I might be going to it...but I'm not sure because it's either that or skiing!'

Meanwhile, down the bottom of the world, her aunt reaches for the heavy foundation to camouflage the greenish hue of her skin.


Anonymous said...

Very grown up teenager reply from a niece to her Aunt-free from parents. Tease her by asking about a particular film you wish to see.
Aunts can be very influential in niece/nephew development and it can be a real laugh

laughykate said...

Nice strategy! However no need to carry out as I received the following email this morning. 'Guess who's going to sundance today and tomorrow !'

I replied saying I was so envious so I was nearly radioactive.