Saturday, April 20, 2013


Last weekend my nine year old and eleven year old nieces were staying with their mother.

Eleven: 'In the car on the way up Mummy was asking how we'd describe you to a police officer.' (I chose to not think about that question too deeply).

Me: 'And...?'

Eleven: 'Short....sorry Kate but you are, blonde curly hair and....CRAZY!'

Me: 'Crazy?!'

Eleven: 'Nine said that!'

Some time later I said to Nine: 'So I hear that Mummy asked you guys how you'd explain me to a police officer?'

Nine: 'Yes!'

Me: 'And?'

Nine: 'Short, blonde curly hair that goes down between your top lip and your chin, with mousey ringlets and crazy.'

Me: 'Crazy?!'

Nine: 'Eleven said that!'

I don't know whether to feel proud or short.


Food That Tastes Great said...

No mention of troll?

laughykate said...

Ahem, I think if you asked your children you'd find it was Princess Troll.