Monday, August 12, 2013

Shoes: they're hell of a way to inject life into Friday afternoon.

Picture this. Friday afternoon in a large open plan female skewed office.  Everyone weary from the week, gasping for wine o’clock to roll around and the minute hand on the clock making like it’s trapped in Monday afternoon after a long weekend. 

Into this situation bursts a cameraman… not with a camera but laden with boxes of shoes. All sorts of shoes. Shiny ones, high ones, flat ones, boot ones.

On my. It was like flies to a honey pot. Suddenly he was surrounded by a gaggle of excited women pawning over his wares.

‘This is waay better than wine,’ was one of the calls that went up.

It has to be said, importing shoes is not the most obvious income stream that springs to mind when considering what a cameraman could do in his down time.

‘How do you go from cameraman to shoe salesman?’

‘In New Zealand you guys get so ripped off with shoes, they're so expensive. And I was just really sick of my wife spending so much money on them…so we decided to do it ourselves.'



Stephanie said...

Love the shoes - tracked them down thanks to you! Can't decide between two styles. Wish them all the best.

laughykate said...

Yay! They're great, anen't they? I have to admit to coming home with a pair myself.