Monday, April 14, 2008

Flashest cooktop in the world ever

Sometimes I really wish I was a digital native (i.e grew up when toilet training and learning about computers happened about the same time). Needless to say I haven't worked out how to post a proper link yet.

However if you want to see what you will very possibly soon be cooking on in the future (if you so choose), check this out.

I can categorically state that it is really cool, and if I had one I think I would just spend hours making the upie downie bits go up and down. Maybe I'd even race them.


Sharon said...

Oh, that is just the shiznit! I want one, with the chorus of "Beethoven's 9th" rigged to play every time I turned it on!

BTW: Is that the cooking show you direct/produce? I love how he looks like he's in an actual kitchen, with stuff all over the place, and not a silly set like all of the shows here in The States.

Sharon, a/k/a "langtry"

laughykate said...

It's cool, huh? They have just been released on the market here.

And yes, it is. And it is a real kitchen - it's his!