Sunday, May 11, 2008

Get those ninja claws away from me, ya big ginger.

Oh, what a week it was.

I've learnt a couple of things.

One is all about the red panda., if you are in possession of the same amount of knowledge of these animals as I was at the beginning of the week.

They're red, the size of the fattest cat you've ever laid eyes on, alot less of them are now living in Myanmar than there were a week ago, they've got massively long fat tails that Garfield would covert, they're partial to grapes and they're cute and snuggly looking.

Oh and, it would appear I am terrified of them.

Faced with the prospect of one of them attempting to climb up me, I transformed into the biggest girl's blouse jessie you've ever laid your eyes on.

'If they come near you, they may come and climb you.' Warned the

So naturally, of the four of us who were in there, who did the panda think would be most fun to climb?

Persistent, I believe is a good term to describe the panda's behaviour. 'Please don't climb up me, please don't climb up me,' I pleaded as I lept over cables and did my best to scoot away from at least sixteen razor sharp claws that were attached to some red fur.

But did that deter old Ninja Claws? Hell no, he had identified me as the person who was least happy to be a tree and then continued to mess with my head.

Of course, the rest of the team thought that was outstandingly funny.

'Ya big chicken!' Hollered one of them.

'Yeah but those claws could turn me into sushi in nano seconds', I pathetically attempted to defend myself.

So that was Monday.

Wednesday involved me being in close proximity to three orca, one humpback whale, one sperm whale and a corgi who had a c section to remove ten puppies.

It was kind of surreal, and this involved no drugs or late nights. Just a very early morning and a very long day.

And I will tell you about that next time.

Yes, I accept I am sounding a bit like a reality show promo - promise the world and deliver ten percent.

But I can do that, it's my blog and I will over sell if I want to.


savannah said...

LMBO! but it's ok, i would have run, too, sugar! they LIVE there you were just visiting! ;-)

laughykate said...

I was just visiting them, in their (large, plush) caged area!