Friday, May 16, 2008

She was a long day

First up, housework.I have discovered that blogger has been eating comments, if you have commented and it's not appeared, it's not because I have vetted you, promise. Email me and let me know.

Anyway, those whales. Needless to say I didn't react to them the way I did the red panda and scamper away as quick as my little legs could carry me. However that could be possibly due to the fact that I wasn't in as close a proximity to the whales I was the red panda and they weren't gleefully eyeing me up whilst sharpening their ninja claws.

The day turned into quite a surreal one. It's not every day you are making a journey to go and see whales when you get a call saying, 'There's a pregnant corgi that's about to blow. Once you've done the whales can you get back here in time for the cesarean at three?'

Ya what?

At that point in time in the category that is Impossible, it seemed pretty much up there along with 'Can you land the jumbo jet because one pilot has just had a heart attack and the other pilot has decided he is a fish?' But after we did the maths, deleted the (proposed) second whale trip and subtracted lunch it looked like we would be able to land the jumbo after all.

'Yeah, but you'll need to schedule it for four and we will get there as soon as we can.'

We were very fortunate on our whale trip. We hit the trifecta seeing orca, hump and sperm whales. The whaleboat driver said that in twelve years of taking whale tours, he had never seen all three in one trip.

They really are quite daunting creatures. I have to say that during the course of my day I don't often see a living breathing thing that is bigger than a boat. And we're not talking dingys.

I was talking to a British boy who told me he thought that the orcas suited the colour of the water they were swimming in. The boy clearly has a career in the wardrobe department.

And did you know that orcas find sperm whales' tongues quite tasty as a wee hors d'Ĺ“uvre?

The nature nerd I was there with reckoned the whales was one of the most amazing sites he had ever witnessed. But then, he didn't accompany us to the corgi c-section.

Corgis really crack me up. It's like they bought their head and body from one shop and got their legs from another. Do you think they look at them wistfully pleading, 'Grow! Please grow.'

This poor old corgi waddled into the operating room, wide as she was long, looking like she would have made a great tray and fit to explode.

I am pleased to report, that I managed to endure the entire operation on my feet. Oh, I was terribly proud of myself. Even the vet and vet nurses were surprised but I did notice they kept saying, 'Would you look at Kate's face!'

I think my look was a mixture of horror (how can her insides be on the outside and she still be alive?), terror (if I slide down the wall I'm going to end up covered in corgi juice) and wonder (and the birth process is supposed to beautiful, how?)

I left my house at six a.m, got home at seven thirty p.m, covered over seven hundred kilometres, met five whales and witnessed ten puppies arrive in the world via the sunroof.

I kind of felt like that day of my life could have been a montage in a totally unbelievable movie.


savannah said...

what a day, sugar! i am in awe that you were out on the ocean, as i can't bear the thought of being anywhere where my feet can't touch the bottom - when i'm standing up! i do wonder how it is i can handle being in a plane, perhaps it's all the spirits i force myself to consume. ;-)

laughykate said...

You just reminded me, I forgot about the stretch when I started to turn green and had to keep a firm eye on the horizon!

laughykate said...
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