Friday, June 13, 2008

Ooky spooky weather...not that I'm complaining.

Yesterday I when I walked to work I was completely rugged up; long boots, jeans, coat, scarf,beret and leather gloves. It was so cold I didn't even contemplate pulling my ipod out of my pocket and changing tracks. And despite all this, when I got to work I was a body with two blocks of ice at the ends of my arms, topped off with a bright red nose. When I scooted into the office the first thing I did was turn on all the heaters and attempt to turn the place into a furnace in as short a time as was possible. I even wistfully looked at the rubbish bins, willing them to spontaneously combust.

Let's just say it was c-c-c-cold.

This morning, as I am waking up, the radio tells me it will be eighteen degrees (c).

What? Who does this city think it is, Ulan Bator ? (The capital city in the world that has the biggest temperature extremes.) But then, I don't think Ulan Bator goes from one extreme to another overnight.

Today I merrily skipped to work, no white breath, no hat, no gloves, no scarf, wearing a silly little dress and autumn coat. And as I sit here looking out the window I see a yoof walking by in shorts and a t-shirt.

It's either spring already, or there's a massive earthquake on it's way. Either way, I'm loving basking in these moderate climes, long may it last. (And if the temperature plummets during the day, I am fully screwed for my walk home.)


surfergirl said...

*quote - Ulan Bator ? (The capital city in the world that has the biggest temperature extremes.) - end quote*
How the heck do you know these things? Please tell me you used Goggle?? (if not you're a bigger geek then me and Numbers put together!)

laughykate said...

While I'd love to claim being that geeky, alas I can't. I did some work there, and discovered that little gem out when I was doing some research before I left.

Medbh said...

18 degrees is perfect weather.
Stick to layers so you don't freeze or roast, LK.

laughykate said...

Ooooh and we had another day of 18 today too. If winter continues like this, I won't have a problem with it at all !