Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another question.

Is this photo for real or has someone photoshopped man-arms on to Madonna?


Phil said...

Nope. She's just a body-obsessed neurotic with too much time to spare in the gym.

Janie Jones said...


I suppose I should be impressed that a woman her age should have a body like that. But I'm not. It looks creepy. And, I have to wonder how much of it is created and maintained by good ol' fashioned exercise and how much is scalpel sculpting?

Again, I say: ewww.

laughykate said...

Proof that if you do anything too much, it's bad for you.

Lying in the sun, eating oranges - you name it.

Jo said...

The other skeleton arm is scarier than the man arm. Look at it!!

Actuallly, she looks like Homer when's he's bulked up one arm with weights but been too lazy to do the other one.

laughykate said...

Ewww, you're so right, Jo!