Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things you never want to discover in your home.

Like things you really, really don't want to discover. 

Needless to say, I don't live there anymore. 


Jo said...

sweet motherfucking jesus christ. Is that actually your house??

I was looking at one where a guy (most sensibly dressed ina bike helmet) approached what might have been a bird eating spider with a giant basin - and the spider LEAPT at him. Shit.

This is bigger. I'd move the fuck out too. Immediately.

I've just moved the comment box over the picture, so I can close the page without looking at that again. Sweats*

Hairy screaming heebie jeebies I have now.

laughykate said...

He was HUGE, Jo. I've never seen a spider that big.

I have to say, there was a lot of hysteria involved - I even carried out the LIVE capture of said creature. I thought I deserved a medal at the end of it.

Stephen Stratford said...

Don't ever move to Avondale. Don't even go to Avondale. If you have to drive through it, lock your car doors:

laughykate said...

Gulp. Could Avondale be cancelled ?

Your cousin said...

I still can't believe that I slept in that room! Eeeuuuurrrgggghhh.

So, did she have a family, and are they scuttling sideways through the neighbourhood streets in search of Mummy? They look big enough to open the cat door.

Catherine said...

Holy fuck that's freaking scary. Seriously I would be running screaming out of that house never to return. The biggest spider we get here is about the size of that one,s eye and they scare the shit out of me..that's just plain not right..o god I think I,m going to be having flashbacks of that image for weeks..cheers Kate ;))

laughykate said...

My Cousin! Don't say that, otherwise I will start having visions of them all scuttling up the hill to come and visit.

*Starts getting clammy*

Catherine, I have another shot of him in a (very big) yoghurt container with an even bigger plastic container filled with heavy stuff on top of the lid - just in case he managed to make a break for freedom.