Thursday, November 08, 2012


Does anyone reckon Obama woke up this morning and thought for a nano second, 'Another four years? Really? I'm knackered.'


Jo said...

Not when the alternative was having Romney as his president, no. How far would you crawl over pointy rocks to avoid that one?

Catherine said...

Totally ! He,ll look 102 when it's over..

Mark Hubbard said...

His economics is based on a mix of confidence trick, bribe of the free lunch, and fraudulent fiat money printing that will continue to collapse the US dollar and with it the middle class, so if I was him I'd be wondering how much longer I could keep the ruse going until it all fell over like a ponzi scheme. Mind you, that should describe the mind of most Western readers at the moment. I can't see why anyone with any sense would want that job, which is the problem for the population; because no one with any sense normally gets the job :)

Though for the record, no, I couldn't have brought myself to vote the Mormon either. Two party political systems are fundamentally flawed.

laughykate said...

You have a solid point there, Jo!

And Catherine - yes, it's one job that's guaranteed to make you look double your age. Which is okay when you're three months - not no crash hot when you're 50.

Hiya Mark - I think you'd find the job of the president filed under ; 'Pickle.'