Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And it's a 'no' from Little Miss Yippety Yap.

A restaurant in New York has just opened up that specialises in...

...wait for it...


...silent dining.

Yup, you go along and enjoy your meal...without saying a word to your dining companions.

I am sorry, but that's my idea of hell. 

Crikey, a dinner party there would be a riot.

Even worse, imagine being invited to that dinner party? It really would say a lot about what your hosts thought of you. 

'How were the Browns?'

'Well, George looked like he chewed on the steak and Mary couldn't get through her duck -  took home a doggie back. Apart from that, couldn't tell you. They looked well enough, though.'

Apparently the chef was inspired after a trip to India after he saw Buddhist monks eat their meals in silence. 

But what I want to know - were those monks smiling?


Janie Jones said...

I'd make a comment, but I've joined a silent blog reading movement...

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