Thursday, October 03, 2013

In simpler times...when you could see if things were broken....

I have been working on a project that involves sending large files across large stretches of water and different time zones.

Today we received some graphics through that interweb tunnel-thing that just refused to work for us. Which isn't entirely ideal as we've got our noses pressed up against a deadline.

Anyhou, it was no one's fault, just came down to technology.

I sent an email this morning, 'If only corrupt files could be fixed with gaffer tape.'

Which is the same sentiment that a friend said recently, 'You know you've moved into a new age when your car needs at IT guy to fix it and not a mechanic.'

Crikey, listen to me, soon I will be saying, 'In the olden days I used to share my gumboots with my brother and hop to school.'


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Oh yes...Dropbox has become my friend.