Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Now here's a story I heard in the weekend. It involved a crew that was working one of those ooky-spooky-hokum-let's-solve-the-crime-with-psychics shows. This show gets gets regularly slaughtered by T.V critics and at the country's media awards was the butt of more than one acceptance speech joke.

I was told they auditioned more than sixty psychics across Australia and New Zealand and the crew who work on it fully believe in it. Apparently, recently they were working with one of the psychics who told one of the guys that he had trouble with his prostate and he should go and get it checked out. He did as he was told and discovered that he had the very early stages of prostate cancer.

So process that information as you will, but if they can detect prostate cancer, why the hell can't anyone find Madeleine McCann?

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