Monday, January 04, 2010

And Happy New Year! She says gently dusting the sand from her shoulders.

Okay so I'm nearly back. Easing myself gently back into the year, doing it as slowly as possible because, like my birthday, I like to draaaaaag this holiday lark-thing out for as long as I can.

I hope everyone's Christmases and New Year were great. Mine were - but then - when you've got holidays, old friends, family-armed-for-battle-with-champagne and summer all rolled into one, how can you go wrong?

I thought I'd slowly ease myself back into my blog world with some conversations I've had over the holiday period. And here we go with a starter for ten.

Ring !Ring!

'Hello, Kate here.'

'Do you know how to get bird shit out of the carpet?' Asks Brother-in-law.

Insert: peals of laughter.

Weary sigh. 'Knew you would be absolutely no help whatsoever, could you put your mother on, please?'

I was so pleased I was the person answering that phone call and not the person making it.


SaS said...

He should have killed the turkey outside...

tinman18 said...

Welcome back Kate, hope you had a great break.

laughykate said...

Sas, hah! My father's reaction was, 'Just shoot the bird,' however he failed to grasp that the damage had already been done by that stage.

Thank you Tinman! You too.