Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holiday Conversation #4

Holiday Conversation #4 comes courtesy of texts and the interweb.

The Sunshines have been holidaying in Whistler and Puerto Rico, and by all accounts they've been having a blast.

Here is a piece of an email from Sunshine:

'We went on a cataraman snorkelling cruise which everyone thought was very cool. We loved the snorkelling and saw lots of tropical fish. The yacht had a slide on it which got plenty of use.The town was on a nice bay with an island about 1 km out. I swam out to the island both mornings and saw lots more sea life which was cool - including a turtle swimming along. The reason we went to Vieques was to go kayaking and swimming in the biolumisent bay at night. It has these tiny plant/fish organisms in it and when you stir the water they light up. Quite amazing. Your paddle looks like a light sabre when you push it through the water. You kick your feet and it looks like a white fire.'

And then: 'Last night they took us out on the town to an area where there is heaps of bars and bands. The traffic is blocked off and there are people dancing in the streets. I'm going to learn some Latin American dancing because it looked so cool. Fantastic people watching and some cool music.

And then yesterday I got this text:

'Just got out of A&E here. Five hours to get an x-ray, diagnosis and prescription. Got dumped by a wave, dislocated my collarbone (again!) and ground some skin off my face. Got the big needle in the butt so not feeling too bad. But not looking forward to it wearing off though! The impact would have killed a normal bloke. My morning jog may have to be postponed.'

I text my brother back: 'How big was the wave ?! You do realise you're not supposed to go swimming in a fucking tsunami, Sunshine!'

He text: 'Just a bad choice of wave to come in on. Note to self: let the big ones go if you want to come in to the beach.'



Fat Sparrow said...

D'oh! Hope he's doing okay now?

laughykate said...

He's DREADING the trip home. However I think he's been given enough pain killers to calm an elephant with toothache in order to survive it.

Mwa said...

Ouch! I was hit on the nose with a surfboard once, which was also very painful.

laughykate said...

Ohhh, I can't begin to believe how painful that must have been, Mwa!