Friday, June 04, 2010

Honduras, I'm sure you've got it in you. Somewhere.

We had the office sweepstake for the World Cup.

I got Honduras.

At first I stomped around the office saying grumpily, 'Honduras? Honduras? Do I get Spain? Italy? Germany ?Brazil ?No! I get Hon-fucking-duras. That's possibly the worst $2.50 I have spent all year.'

I banged on about that until I read that the former national team coach Jos "Chelato" de la Paz Herrera is saying that if they get nailed before they begin and suffer a three-and-out performance he reckons it's going to be 'dangerous' and a' great blow to the spirit of Honduras.' But that if they make it to the second round it will 'fix a lot of things in the country'.

It appears the country's a bit broken (a coup has never been known for doing great things for national pride and spirit), and now I really want them to get to the second round.

And not just because of my $2.50.

Go Honduras!Go Honduras!Go Honduras!

Knock yourselves out. (And look on the bright side, even if you lose, just be pleased you're not part of the Italian team whose parting words from Mussolini before the final match of the 1938 World Cup were, 'Win or die.' No pressure.)


Radge said...

They have a player in their squad called Georgie Welcome. What a name.

Wilson Palacios too, he's quite handy.

laughykate said...

Georgie Welcome. Heh. I love it.

tinman18 said...

I think you may be related (in spirit, at least) to the girl in our office who, during the last World Cup, apparently got some country called "Costa Fucken Reeka".

laughykate said...

Yup! And isn't it interesting you can't have a Sp-fucking-ain?