Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sex and the City and me.

So I went and saw Sex and the City in the weekend.

It was a disaster on many levels.

I went with one of my oldest friends and she bought us tickets to Sky City Gold Class. Disaster number one. It was my first Gold Class experience but effectively I've just flown business class and I'm now ruined for any lesser cinematic experience. Massive reclining chairs? Red buttons that you push that means someone comes and takes your order for another glass of champagne? You get the picture. I'm ruined.

While I fully expected the movie to be rubbish, I was looking forward to having a good wee fix of fashion. While I was right on the first front and I got it so very wrong on the second.

Carrie took smug, conceited I-have-everthing-but-will-throw-a-tanty-when-I-get-given-a-flatscreen-television-instead-of-a-piece-of-jewellery to new levels. What she needed was a jolly good bitch slap chased up by a stint in Darfur with a humanitarian organisation to appreciate life.

And if you've ever suspected that Fashion is actually a very black character with an ironic sense of humour, dedicated to seeing just how stupid she can make us look, then this is the film to prove that theory.

Exhibit A.

(Rihanna is not in the movie, however this is only picture I can find of that red dress.)

And Exhibit B.
And I'm sorry, but I don't think genie pants look good - even in the desert.

I'm also looking at you as well, orange leggings.


injaynesworld said...

I saw the movie, too, and while I did laugh out loud several times (mostly at Samantha) you're right about the clothes. Holy moly! That's was some of the ugliest crap I've ever seen!

laughykate said...

I also did like Carrie's line to the shop assistant who was wondering why she hadn't been in the shop of late, 'I've been cheating on fashion with furniture'.

fatmammycat said...

To quote Gothy, 'lolzieeesss!'
Thank marmalade I refused point blank to see this dross.

tinman18 said...

Is that desert picture really in it? (you may gather that I haven't seen the film - are you surprised?)

laughykate said...

YEs, think of all the things you can do with that two and a half hours that I will never get back, FMC.

Yes, Tinman, it is. Worse, they're in high heels in the desert. I shit you, not.

Medbh said...

My point is why go through the effort of keeping your weight down and doing exercise only to shroud yourself in massive amounts of fabric? We short ladies get swallowed whole with the maxi dress and harem pants.
No me gusta.

laughykate said...

The dump truck look doesn't do it for me either, Medbh.

Mwa said...

Surely in that last picture they were going to a bad taste fancy dress party? Either that or their stylist had a stroke.

laughykate said...

That would be B, Mwa.