Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Houston we have a... "lot of snow"

I thought I should lift my game after Homepaddock's lovely words on the wireless about this site yesterday.

So this morning I was started to rattle the rocks around in my head trying to come up with something to post, but then I checked my inbox and found an email from The Australian Office. It turned out I wasn't going to have to doing any thinking at all, she'd done it all for me.

She's been, as she puts it, 'Casting loonies for ridiculous shows'. I read that and, like a four year old eating chocolate cake, the smile started to slowly smear itself across my face.

They've been asking contestant wannabes a host of questions and, well, they're not looking for anyone who would be capable of working out how to split the atom.However I think some of the answers they've got are simply genius.

Here's a wee sample of what she's heard/read.

Finish the phrase:
Curiosity killed the... "possum"
Behind every great man is a... "great wall"
Houston we have a... "lot of snow"
The early bird catches the... "first train"

Who painted Van
Gogh's Sunflowers? "Um, Jesus?"
Who painted the Mona Lisa? "Mona Lisa did. It's a self-portrait."
What is a female deer called? "A she dear. But I think it's pronounced

And you know what the best thing is? She's got a whole lot more of these pearlers to send my way.

You can't wait, can you ?


Holemaster said...

For maybe thirty years In Ireland, we've have a radio quiz called "Just a Minute, the sixty second quiz"

And some of the answers are legendary:

Q. Where's the Taj Mahal?
A. Just around the corner from the Dental hospital.
(Referring to the 'Taj Mahal' restaurant near Dublin's Dental Hospital).

Q. Complete this phrase: 'As happy as...'
A. A pig in shit!
(The quizmaster's name is Larry. He thought that might be a hint)

Q. What's the capital of France?
A. F

laughykate said...

'Q. Where's the Taj Mahal?
A. Just around the corner from the Dental hospital.'

I mean, you couldn't even write that !