Thursday, July 29, 2010

Overheard in Office

Guy – holding bananas as though they were guns: ‘My diet today consists of only eating food that you can shoot people with.’

‘Nother conversation:

‘Did you know my last boyfriend’s family was worth 85 million pounds?’

‘Why did you break up with him?’

‘He had a massive cocaine addiction....that he’d downgraded from a heroin addiction.’

‘You should have hung in there.’

‘That’s what he said.’


Fat Sparrow said...

I love your office.

laughykate said...

It's pretty bloody entertaining, on a good day!

Jo said...

Lol. Ways to work through your family fortune...

My friends little sister wasn't allowed toy guns, but would apparently chew her toast into a gun shape for shooting frineds in the playground.

laughykate said...

Outstanding, her and the guy in my office could be on the same diet !