Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just when you thought the internet was out of surprises...

Regular readers of this blog will know how much delight I get out of sites like Awkward Family Photo and People of Walmart.

Knowing this bordering-on obsession of these sites, an old friend of mine alerted me to this post that tells me there is a site dedicated to 'inappropriately toned discussions of various unfortunate persons' social networking profile pictures, Slavic style'.

Oh joy.

I particularly like the way the writer describes some internet surfers as internet-trash-scouring-philistines.

Yup, you got me in one.

Anyhou, because I'm shallow and flippant, accompany me while I go take the piss out of people I don't know.

If I'm not mistaken, there is either some serious rug wallpaper going on there or this is from a scene dropped from Inception.

Don't know about you, but I suspect Vavara from Moscow has been drinking.
This really does bring new meaning to, 'taking the piss'.
Apparently Svetlana is 25.

And now, for my finale. I think we potentially we have a match made in heaven.
I think we've found Mr Slasher's perfect mate.
And let me just remind you of one thing before you judge me harshly. These shots are from these peoples' social networking pages. They've posted them, knowing that the internet is not an exclusive members-only club.

Love from your friendly internet-trash-scouring-philistine.


Jo said...

The second last one blows the others out of the water. The thought of him sending me a friend request will haunt my dreams tonight!

Countess said...

Thank you. I soo needed a laugh this morning. I was a bit concerned that Vavara was in a morgue but no,.... just a butchers shop.

laughykate said...

Jo, what a scary thought. He's pretty frightening, huh?

My pleasure, Countess! Don't you think that Vavara looks like she works in security ?

SaS said...

Hmm, why would you go to the loo with two other people? And where is the loo-roll holder?

laughykate said...

That was exactly my thought. I mean what type of conversation do they have when they are sitting side by side ?

Countess said...

A very interesting conversation that involves coughing loudly...maybe?

laughykate said...

Countess, that comment really made me squirm!
Delete mental picture.
Delete mental picture.
Delete mental picture.
Delete mental picture.

Janie Jones said...

The individual in the animal fur with the bumbershoot, that's a woman?!?

laughykate said...

Yuh-huh, and I'm thinking she's looking for a man!

Fat Sparrow said...

Oh dear god, these people may reproduce. Hell, they're actively looking to bump uglies. This is not right.

laughykate said...

They are quite special, aren't they?!

jmg said...

The second last is obviously the girl who kicked the hornets nests half bro the one who feels no pain, just as well.

laughykate said...

'the girl who kicked the hornets nests'. Brilliant.