Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Thank you, Countess.

Countess Interrupted (This is all about me! Don't like it... piss off!) has given me a Cherry on Top Award. Which is very kind of her.

Protocol dictates that I tell you three things about me. So in no particular order, here we go...

*I'm good at throwing. But if you spend every morning for eight years throwing stones into the nearby dam while waiting for the school bus, competing against your sister, your brother and the three neighbourhood boys - there really is no excuse.

* When I was trying to get my first job in television, I was living in Australia. I had to send the producer ten story ideas from the newspaper for a children's show. I hadn't watched the show (granted, not my sharpest move) but sent in my ten story ideas and, in due course, got the rejection call, 'I think you're more suited to current affairs', he said.

Now, I really wanted that job. So I immediately sat down (still without watching the show) got ten more story ideas out of the paper and sent them to him with a letter saying, 'I think you're being a xenophobic, narrow-minded worry wart who is showing his age, so I'm giving you another chance.' I attached balloons to my application and couriered my second application over to him.

I got the job.

*I am outrageously bad at booking flights. But that possibly doesn't surprise you, especially those who know me.

And now there has to be a photo... sorry, couldn't decide...

I have a thing for the thing for beaches and the moon.

And finally, I must play it forward, so here we go:

Tagged, you're it !


Jo said...

Oh no, a meme! Well, it's been a while. I'll think about it.

Love your photos - esp the second - but is no 1 the MOON? Wow.

laughykate said...

Sorry Jo! And no, it's a giant setting sun.

Fat Sparrow said...

You rock, and you deserved that job!

laughykate said...

Oh, thank you! That boss was a complete mental (we put it down to too much LSD in 'Nam).

Fat Sparrow said...

Yeah, shouldn't do the Orange tabs in 'Nam.