Saturday, September 25, 2010

Warning: Do not watch this if you're feeling a little squirmy.

Or if you're about to eat.

Brother-in-law sent it to me and, while I was watching it, my appetite went straight to jail, it did not pass go and it most certainly did not collect $200.

So, naturally I'm sharing.

*Runs quickly out of the room*


Janie Jones said...

While that is quite vile, the spud, who was watching over my shoulder was much more impressed with the picture of the "princess" on the top of the screen.

"Momma, I wanna see that picture."


"Oooo! Who drew that pretty princess picture?"


"Who's Laughykate?"

"The lady who writes this blog. Wanna see the food decompose again?"

"No, I'm just looking at the princess picture."

Apparently no gross out time lapse food videos for me.

laughykate said...

Wow, that daughter of yours has one iron consitution !