Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Walmart Fashion.

People of Walmart continues to entertain me, no end.

It's possibly because that's all my brain is capable of conjuring up for a post just currently. (Copy and paste is the fast food of blogging).

You know how reality television was born out of a writers' strike? People of Walmart and Awkward Family Photo are brought to you by me currently working a seven day week and feeling a little bit tuckered out at the end of the day.

Anyhou, it's self inflicted so I shall put the violin away. Instead! Behold these beauties.

Oh yeah. Giddy up. And below I think is her spiritual sister.
However I shall save the best till the last.

The Australian Office saw it and thought of me, bless her. And it was inspiration for this entire post.
I am without words. But I'm think I'm right when I say she's only wearing a pair of shorts.

She's only wearing a pair of shorts.

Which is okay if you're a hot bloke, or a wee ankle biter.

Otherwise it's wrong in so many ways.


Mwa said...

Well I've just decided I don't particularly need to lose weight all that badly. There's always worse and much worse.

I suppose there's one benefit to having breasts go completely South - no more need for a top in summer.

LeeAnn said...

These creatures, or their twins, are at my local WalMart daily. And I think the one in the center works at the same CardHole as I. Hard to tell from the back if the frontlumps touch the knees.
Okay, I've made myself gag.

Janie Jones said...

Any one have a piece of steel wool I can borrow? I need to scrub these horrible images off my retinas.

Thankfully where I live it is much too cold for anyone to even forget to wander off the the Wally World without a shirt, much less do so purposefully. There are times when minus twenty Fahrenheit accoutrements are a fashion plus.

laughykate said...

On the positive side,think of the money she would have saved!

LeeAnn, REALLY? You could run tours!

Mmm, Janie - I'm hearing you.

Countess said...

I've started seeing people like these at our local pak n save. Maybe I need to take my camera.

laughykate said...

Oh yeah, Countess! No opportunity wasted.