Thursday, December 23, 2010

And he had two daddies....

Right then, I'm outa here. Before I go, I hope you all have fabulous Christmases and New Years. And thank you all for reading and a bit thank you to my lovely commenters.

Now, a community service message from the girl whose been spending lots of time with the police. Two things.

1.Wear your seatbelt.
2.Don't speed.

I know it sounds naggy and boring, but I'm regularly seeing the results of what happens when people are seatbelt free and speed friendly. When it comes down to it, speeding cars are metal missiles and us old humans are merely flotsam and jetsam.

*Gets off soapbox*

I shall leave you with a New Zealand take on the Christmas story.

Merry Christmas !


tinman18 said...

Enjoy yourself, dear friend. We up here cant't imagine summer Christmases, but believe me I hope you have a great time.

Having unexpected friends like you in different places over the world is what keeps me going.

Have a lovely holiday.

Your pal,

Tin xx

laughykate said...

What a beautiful thing to say, Tinman. And back at 'cha! I hope you're having a glorious holiday!

Countess said...

Hi laughykate.
I'm having a belated blog reading catch up.
Hope you had a stupendeous xmas and Happy New Year!

laughykate said...

Thank you, Countess! And I hope you did too !