Monday, March 07, 2011


I was talking to my father last week and he was telling me how my brother, Sunshine, was getting an Ipad.

'Well, you know', he said, 'with his clients he's not going to be wanting to open up his laptop. Much easier just to show them'. (My brother works in advertising).

I was driving home thinking about what he said when it occurred to me.

A number of years ago my father used to lamb a ewe, grow that lamb into a sheep, kill a sheep, skin a sheep, hang a sheep, cut a sheep up and then his beloved would cook the sheep.

And now he's saying that opening a computer up is too hard?

I love the way my father has evolved.


Jo said...

I love this comparison. No wonder we're all fat :)

Well, as it were. I know you're not fat. I've seen your lovely photo :)


Nice save there, Jo

laughykate said...

Oh, you're beautiful !