Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Glass is Half Full.

Getting Really Excited.

...getting an email from Qantas saying that you've got 2000 airpoints that are about to expire. ('Who-hoo! Isn't that's like being handed $2000 in air travel?!)

Getting Not So Excited.

...plugging in your details to discover that Qantas Airpoints work on a different currency to the one that works in your brain and that a return Auckland to Ho Chi Minh will cost in the vicinity of 41,000 airpoints dollars.

Even a Dora the Explorer Pack is out of my league at 8500 airpoints dollars.

Oh well, it was still worth the eight and a half minutes of delight I got out of it.


thesconechronicles said...

Qantas airpoints are a bit stink really... even if you've got lots they are really hard to use - I have got enough to go to Europe (but only if I book about a year in advance) But really - who can book a trip that far in advance. Honestly.

laughykate said...

Really ? We give with one hand and watch while we take it right back again.