Wednesday, March 02, 2011

To prove I really have no shame.

In January I wrote the following post:


Finding your earring before you'd realised you'd lost it.

It's like the universe giving you a wee hug'.

That was the post, sadly, I now have to update this.


Discovering your earring after forgetting you'd already lost it and had it remade.
Oh yeah.

As a friend of mine said (completely dumbfounded after I'd told her), 'I'm really pleased you don't smoke drugs'.

In my defense, it was over two years, two cities and two jobs ago.

*She mumbles, looking at her feet, waiting for the men in white coats to burst through the door*.


White Coat Man said...

Am on my way

laughykate said...

I thought I heard a knocking...

Jo said...

Nonsense! Now you have a spare. They should ALL come in threes.

It's just sensible Kate. Don't say no, say OH!

laughykate said...

Thank you Jo. I knew there was a reason I ignored the knocked.