Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Dirty Button and welcome to my life.

Boy oh boy.

Brother-in-law has just alerted me to Dirty Button, a place where you can waste all manner of time discovering stuff.

Like being really happy you didn't take this photo.
Funny Pictures
( I think after seeing that I would head straight for the drinks trolley and drink heavily).

It's also a site where you'll read about other people's misfortune:
Funny Pictures
And it's where you can discover videos like this.
It does make me wonder if history will ever allow the Spice Girls - or - a cover of the Spice Girls to be cool.

Even if it was done by boys.


tinman18 said...

I know I am truly evil and will go to hell, but I defy anyone to read the "Hippo Eats Dwarf" story without laughing.

laughykate said...

IN that case, I'm going to Hell with you Tinman.

Phil said...

Dontcha love how the guys do that disgusting 'sexy' tongue poky thing when the do an 'L' ??

laughykate said...

Phil, I'm going to replace 'love' with 'squirm'!

But, yes!

LeeAnn said...

I was wondering how to productively use my day off. Thank you.
In other news, I've taken to referring to all dwarves as hobbits. This sets my husband's Lord Of the Rings geek meter off into the red. "Totally different! They're totally different!"
True. A hobbit would be too smart to be eaten by a hippo.

laughykate said...

Brilliant !

My question is: who would win in a hobbit vs dwarf vs troll smack down?

Jo said...

Holy crap! It's the last para of that story that makes it so hilarious! The wild cheering replaced with the handclaps petering out and horrified silence and then screaming... golden. What a way to go! It's horrible but... my god.

laughykate said...

But imagine the great death story that dwarf would have, 'So how did you die?'
'Heart attack.'
'Car accident.'
'Got swallowed by a hippo called Hilda.'