Friday, April 01, 2011

Sensational Timing.

The Christchurch earthquake has affected so many people, and in such different ways. I was talking one of my oldest friends yesterday and it's almost like he's become evangelical about life since the earthquake.

He said that as he was trying to get to his son on the day of the quake he was making some major deals with the universe. I'm not sure if it's as a result of any of these deals (his son was fine, but it was a marathon to get to him) but he's loving the little things in his world.

Two days after the quake he was saying, 'The more days been today and the earthquake, the better!' And yesterday he was saying, 'A day where I have running water and power is a great day!' I keep expecting him to ring and tell me that the family are all off to build sewerage systems in a third world country. (Thankfully he's as practical as a chocolate teapot, so I think we're all safe there).

His wife has a jewellery shop and he was telling me that they were lucky enough to arm themselves with a police officer and get access to it.

In they went to get all the jewels out ...and as he was loading 16 kgs of jewels into the boot of his car (all by himself).... a bus load of police and journalists happened to drive by.

If his gorgeous wife had been at his side, I am sure he would been in the clear. However, without her, he might as well have had 'Looter' tattooed on his forehead.

The bus stopped and out jumped an officer of the law. My mate said he scurried as fast as his legs would carry him back to the shop to retrieve their officer to prove his innocence, before the police or journos started hurling dead cats at him.

Heh, some people would file this timing under 'Epic Fail', however I am filing it under 'Legend'.

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