Sunday, April 03, 2011

There is more to the mullet than meets the eye.

We've all heard of the mullet, right ?The hairstyle that's guaranteed to make you be ridiculed for generations to come.
There's even a website that lists The Top 25 Mullets in Rock History. They include pearlers such as Bob Seger. Woof.
And, of course, there's Michael Bolton's sensational Kentucky waterfall. And I'm really sorry I have to scare you like this, but Rod Stewart also has to be included in this mullet line up.
Sorry about that.

Okay, so I'm not sorry at all, I just thought if I had to see it, other people should have to suffer it as well.

Anyhou today the lovely People of Walmart have just introduced me to a version of the mullet that I wasn't aware of. Maybe you've heard of it.

It's the skullet.Watch out world, the skullet has landed.


Stephanie said...

Walmart Land is the ugliest place on earth. If you are at all pretty, you wont get in the door.

laughykate said...

But a great observation of how we've evolved !

Jo said...

It's a strange one, isn't it, the skullet? Surely the urge to shave the rest of your head would just be INSANE! Don't you think?

laughykate said...

Absolutely, even more so if you were the partner of a skullet owner.

tinman18 said...

It took me ages to realise that Rod Stewart actually had a mullet in that picture.
There was so many other things (some good, some not) that my eyes had to take in first.

laughykate said...

Rod is a legend. A scary legend, but still a legend.