Monday, May 23, 2011

Further to my last post....

So there I was banging on last week about the extraordinary things us (supposedly highly evolved) human beings are doing in the name of beauty. Or in the name of retaining our youthful looks - but just getting it sensationally wrong.

And then in the weekend another example landed in my lap,well, turned up on my screen. For those who don't live in New Zealand, in the weekend a telethon was held to raise money for the Christchurch Earthquake Fund. And telethons being telethons they need celebrities, which is how Nicki Watson ended up back on our screens.

And just who is Nicki Watson ? A model, no longer married to millionaire Eric, and who used to turn up regularly in women's magazines and shows such as Celebrity Treasure Island because... she was a model and married to a guy who was worth about 250 million (but just not currently New Zealand's favourite son. But that's another whole can of worms. )

Last time I saw a picture of her she looked something like this. Just your run-of-the-mill beautiful model party girl divorced from a millionaire.
She's one of those creatures who is the result of some fairly stunning gene collision.

Anyhou, she's been out of the press of late. Apparently she's turned over a new leaf. Been living the quiet life, having turned her back on her party days and living in a rural community south of Auckland, helping out in the local beauty parlour.

So with that in mind I was reasonably surprised to see her looking like this.
She looks like she's been playing with knives.

Actually, that photo doesn't really show her face in all its glory. I've seen moving images of her and I can honestly report that the still image is more flattering cause it now appears her face has lost the capacity to move.

You may think I am making a good story of it but even commenter Esther pointed it out in my last post.

Which is a real shame - she was really attractive, now she just looks odd.

All in the name of beauty.


Esther said...

just another angle...

I agree tho, so sad. She was Beeee-UTE-a-ful. Now she looks like some kind of pron star crossed with a kitty cat.

laughykate said...

Porn star crossed with a kitty cat.

Absolutely perfect description, Esther!

Jo said...

You know what I don't get. How people with money, pay famous surgeons huge amounts of it - to end up looking like crap. I mean, there are people out there who've had good surgery, that doesn't show up too much. How hard can it be? And how come everyone acts like it's acceptable??

laughykate said...

I just don't get it, Jo.