Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It does make me feel kinda sorry for the blackboard.

I was playing with a new Ipad at work yesterday and I asked the question, 'How can they improve on this, how can they make it any cooler? Are we ever going to reach an everything's-been-invented threshold?'

And then someone sent me this.

I guess that would be a no.


Jo said...

Ok, I know this is stupid, but is it real yet or not???

In Ireland, scumbag kids would smash the bus stop :(

laughykate said...

I think it's real in some designers' brains!

Esther said...

Oh, ah. 'Numbers' and I were talking about this this other day. I cannot freaking wait til someone makes that Star Trek transport thing real. We are getting ready for an 11 hour flight with a toddler (yes, we are THOSE people who take their kids on holidays and make all of you other suckers on the plane live our pain!)....and I was sooo looking forward to that time when I'll be able to go to Bali without getting on a plane. I'll just pop down to the nearest teleporter!

laughykate said...

You and me both, Esther. HANGING OUT for the teleporter. Except I would most probably end up in 1952.

HEy enjoy your holiday! Good luck for the flight!