Monday, May 09, 2011

Just Call Me Nostradamus. Or not.

After the first Christchurch earthquake in September I talked about how my old office had taken a hit. My old work colleagues had to relocate while the building was fixed and earthquake strengthened.

After a lot of false starts they were due to move back in February. They started to move their stuff in when they got the news that, actually no, the landlord informed them that the engineers said that since only half of the office had been earthquake proofed they weren't to be allowed back in.

Understandably they were frustrated and angry. When I was told and I scoffed, 'Drama queens! What are the chances of another earthquake?' (Hah!)

Since the February earthquake we haven't seen how the old office stood up due to being in the Red Zone. However today CERA has released a tour of the Red Zone and I got to see how it was was looking.CHRISTCHURCH Front Left 0000287.jpg
'Air conditioned' is one way of putting it.

Reason #2374 people should never take anything I say seriously.

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