Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is Apple trying to prove that you're never to young to own a phone ?

A friend came over the other day with her three-year-old.

My phone was sitting on the table and the three-year-old comes up and asks, 'Kate, could I play with your Iphone?'

'How on earth do you know what an Iphone is ?!' Shrieks her mother.

'I don't know how she knows this!' She continues as her daughter picks up my phone, unlocks it, and then proceeds to make all the icons jiggle in an attempt to find if I have any games.

So, she can play with an Iphone, just not very well - yet.

'Wow,' says her mother, 'just shows you how intuitive they are'.

So I did a little research (well I don't know if a Google search technically falls under the definition of 'research', but what the hey) and discovered that the Iphone is user friendly to all ages.

I think that You Tube video takes the term 'Digital Native' to a whole new level.


Janie Jones said...

I have just bought a cellphone for my 6 year old. I have rather languished over the decision. She didn't ask for one, she doesn't even use the regular phone. But her dad is moving 12 hours away, and I wanted her to be able to call and talk to him whenever she wants. I also tell myself it will be handy to help her learn to tell time, spell and read (texting) and to use as an alarm clock. I however, only bought a $20 refurbished pay as you go phone. Is there something wrong with me?!?

Tinman said...

I only came here to say "yes, of course Googling counts as research, that's what we all do", but I read Janie's comment and I just want to say that the reasons you give for buying the phone make a lot of sense, so nope, I don't think there's anything wrong with you.

laughykate said...

Janie, it's whatever works for you. It's a changing world.

And thankyou Tinman!

Janie Jones said...