Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Timmy tipped me over the edge.

Regular readers will know that I am forever stealing material from Awkward Family Photobecause life really does seem so glorious over there.

In light of this, Brother-in-law headed me over to this post featuring vintage ventriloquist dummies.

Oh yeah.

So without further ado, here we go! First up, vintage potato head puppet.
As for the polka dot sisters who appear to be channelling Zoro...
About now, I start to become at a loss for words.
Sorry, still nothing...

*Wonders when the nightmares will start*
*Books herself in for therapy*
Why is it that Timmy seems older than both of them?

And why is it that I fear Timmy is going to terrorize my dreams in the near future?


Tinman said...

Timmy has them hypnotised, look, they've no expression in their eyes.

In the 4th one down the dummy is better looking than the bloke.

laughykate said...

You're so right, Tinman! Timmy has the power.