Monday, July 04, 2011

Fashion, she's got one hell of a sense of humour.

Check out what she's been up to.

Just in case you'd forgotten, or missed it along the way.

A friend of mine sent me this and, oh my, there's lots more where this selection came from.

I'm picking Star Wars has a lot to answer for as well as The Flying Nun. See you on the other side.

I think I can successfully say that I've left the best for last. I'm going to struggle to beat 'Men in Belted Sweaters.' Fashion pulled off a beauty when she came up with that one. (Mind you, that collar on steroids is proving mighty stiff competition).

Giddy up.


catherine said...

Laughing my head off picturing my fella arriving home in that blue get-up ..brilliant :)

laughykate said...

Isn't it truly glorious, Catherine?

Janie Jones said...

Um, wow. That's breath taking. As in so brilliantly ridiculous I'm laughing so hard I can hardly breathe.

While those belted sweaters are dead sexy, I must admit there would be little that could come between me and a man in a terry jumpsuit. Except maybe a man in a floppy boob collar shirt. I must admit though, my perception may be distorted by the tears of mirth spilling from my eyes.

laughykate said...

I just love the way they're trying to sell it, 'Men in belted
sweaters.' Marketing gold.

Esther said...

Oh dear! But what I'm more worried about is the fact that I sort of dig the belted vest....I wonder if Numbers could pull off that look? Kate, would you laugh at him if he came into the office like that?

laughykate said...

Laugh? Esther, I would most probably blow my spleen out my nose.

I think you should encourage him. Do it.