Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crikey, my dream brain is losing the plot.

I had a dream last night that my friends, the parents-of-four-boys-nine-and-under, had all moved to Japan. Not too outlandish scenario, considering they used to live there. They even took their car. Okay, potentially not so economic, but an not-out-of-this-world thing to do.

In my dream I went to visit them and they were all in fine form. Again, within the realms of possibility.

They had a acquired a new dog. Not too far fetched, either.

Just one thing not quite so usual - its ears.
They were the design of television test patterns.

Just your average nondescript dog with really colourful ears.

It's at this point I ask myself: just where does this shit come from ?


Jo said...

That's a v good question.

You work in tv, right?

Are you somehow the dog in this dream??

laughykate said...

Yes, I do Jo. Don't think I'm the dog. Just the scary author of the dream!