Monday, July 18, 2011

It's my party and I'll riot if I want to.

So I was having a beer with some friends on Saturday night and we were talking about the nearly-upon-us Rugby World Cup. They live a stone's throw from Eden Park, home to the final.

'Oh god', said one, 'I just hope we don't lose, can you imagine how we'll behave?'

'We can't lose, ohhhh, we just can't lose', said another.

'Don't even suggest it', said another.

'Morale will be horrific,' said another.

'No', said the first, 'Can you imagine what people could do, if we lose?'

And then it dawned on me. If we lose, there is the potential we will behave appallingly.

' Oh no', said I, 'under "Poor Losers" in the dictionary I think it says, 'New Zealand after losing a World Cup final. Under "Poor Losers and Even Worse Hosts" is 'New Zealand after losing a World Cup final - when they're hosting it.'

Nope, not an outcome I'm willing to contemplate.

Okay, so I already have.

Just as long as we don't have an Armageddon style riot.

Now that would be embarrassing.


Tinman said...

If I was an evil person I would say "but surely you're getting used to it by now?"

But I'm not, so I won't.

And besides, our record in it is shite.

laughykate said...

*Sticks fingers in her ears and closes her eyes tightly shut*


helenalex said...

At least we are in the same pool as France this time, so when I mean if they beat us it will be at that stage, when it doesn't really matter. Unless we actually get knocked out of the competition during the pool stage, in which case I think the plan is to disband the country and sink the land into the Pacific.

laughykate said...

HIya helenalex, you're right.

Crikey, imagine the horror? And if that happened, I reckon the place would be decommissioned, disbanded and sunk - BEFORE the tournament finished!