Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does anyone else have any ideas ?

A friend in England sent me this photo. It was titled, 'Why raincoats are yellow'.

And from where I'm sitting, I think that photo is testament to a great reason.

But I want to know why?

She lost at a game of strip poker ?

Went to have a naked spa with her bloke and her friends thought they'd be funny and steal her clothes ?

She woke up in her dream ?

One thing's for sure, I bet this woman hates the internet.


LeeAnn said...

She had a wrestling match with a shower curtain... and lost.
Even the raincoat's color ran away from Clara at times like this.

Janie Jones said...

Ahhhhh! Pass the eye bleach! Now!

laughykate said...

Hiya LeeAnn - I like the wrestling game with the shower curtain!

Yes Janie, sorry about that. Sort of.

Tinman said...

Or she's the Walmart version of those women who go to the shops in their pyjamas and Ugg Boots.

Which would mean that's what she wears in bed....

Now I need Janie's eye bleach too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, perhaps, --the next leak in the Telecom -abstaining whatever, rugby-
Is it Sean Fitzpatrick? We need to know.

laughykate said...

Because I'm a plonker, I managed to delete Tinman's first comment which said....

'Someone told her it was an invisibility cloak, like in Harry Potter.
Let's face it, a woman who believes those wellies are nice would believe anything. '

And Tinman, after your last comment, now I need Janie's eye bleach as well !

laughykate said...

Anonymous,your theory could stack up!