Monday, August 01, 2011

Isn't it a bit frivolous ?

So it appears there are plans to build a temporary cathedral in Christchurch.

Out of cardboard.

For those of you who haven't heard, a renowned Japanese architect by the name of Shigeru Ban, has designed the building. It's apparently to be made out of cardboard tubes, it has shipping containers for foundations, with a stained glass window and capacity for 700.

And the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Trust, run by the Prime Minister's office, has granted a $50,000 feasibility study which will include things like how the four million dollars needed for the project, would be raised.

The four million dollars?

Four million dollars to build a temporary structure?

Call me very ill informed and not very bright but could someone please explain to me why these people are considering spending enormous amounts of money on something that's going to be replaced?

If it was a hospital, a school or housing I would completely get it. But a temporary cathedral?

Nope, don't get it, don't get it at all.

And from what I can gather, it seems there are others who are equally mystified.


Vida said...

Haven't cathedrals always been vanity projects from the get go?

I'm with you though. Famine in Africa, y'all.

Janie Jones said...

I could think of a few uses for 4 million dollars if they have nothing else to spend it on....

I could also think of some disparaging comments, but it's too easy, so for once I'll just restrain myself. Now that's a miracle.

merinz said...

That is ridiculous!!

laughykate said...

Yes Vida, with you.

Janie, I can also think of a few other uses for that four million as well.

Merinz, hello! It's got me stumped.....