Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parallel Dream Universe.

Phew, so the boys in black managed to secure the required piece of shiny loot that the country has been lusting over for the last twenty-four years.

And we only had to sit through seventy-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds (give or take) of vague terror.

However the scary thing I found in all of this was not the mere one point victory, but was what my dream brain did with the Rugby World Cup.

Last night I dreamt that the Rugby World Cup wasn’t just a competition over rugby, it was also a chocolate chippie biscuit competition.

Oh yeah.

My dream didn’t go into the finer details of the competition but in the ticker tape parade it did have Richie McCaw on a truck brandishing the Webb Ellis Trophy. The truck was also hooked up to a trailer that was carrying the GIANT chocolate chippie biscuit that had won the baking competition. I must say, it was a fine looking biscuit.

Should I be very afraid of my brain?


Jo said...

I think cakestuff dreams are about ... gratification.

I think all the muscle (or should I say giant cookie?) must have been getting to you ;)

laughykate said...

Thanks for giving it a theory Jo! I just think I'm weird !

catherine said...

Totally !!

Tinman said...

Look, you had a dream with Richie McCaw and chocolate in it.

You seem like a perfectly normal, healthy girl to me.

laughykate said...

Pleased you agree, Catherine!

Love your logic, Tinman!