Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Some very old friends of mine who have been living in the U.S and Canada for the last ten or so years are out for the World Cup and, with them, they've brought their Nearly-Three-Year-Old.

It's the third time I've met her since she was born and she's growing into a very cute wee person.

Just one thing I wasn't prepared for.

The fact that if you're born in the States and you grow up surrounded by Americans, you will have an American accent.

'You've got an American accent!' I squealed.

Nearly Three-Year-Old gives me a Welcome-to-State-the-Bleedin'-Obvious-Productions look.

'Yes, she has, hasn't she?' Says her mother.

'It never occurred to me!'

'Yeah, but you're a fool.' Says her father.

I love my friends.

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Jo said...


My friend who lives in Canada says her two kiddies have totally Canadian accents... except when they're cursing... oopsie...