Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Treat.

As I wait for the second of three flights for the weekend I thought I'd treat you to a bit of Awkward Family Photo action. I haven't been lurking around the interweb much of late, however having a few hours to kill at an airport is a nice wee window of opportunity.

Let's just say, it never fails to disappoint.

I thought I'd kick things off with the family who likes to stay connected. Either that, or Grandpa invented the mobile phone.
For Christmas Santa gave gingham...
And I'm not sure what the sparkly leaves/acorns/pinecones represent in this photo. Maybe how he'd feel if he won Lotto?
All I'm saying about this one is that I'm really hoping Dad was off to a fancy dress party.
And saving the best for last. I think the children have the 'we-haven't-seen-our-sister-days-and-we-think-we-know-where-she-is' look of fear in their eyes.
However, I looked at this photo and I looked and looked again. It looked vaguely familiar. And then I realised.
Have a great weekend!


Stephen Stratford said...

I can identify some more. #1 shows your father, your mother, you and your brother.

#4 is Frank Zappa.

laughykate said...

Wrong on the father call, he'd never let his children have newer technology than him.

Janie Jones said...

The traumatized tots in snap #5 are horrified by the gingham family and were threatened with similar costumes if they didn't cooperate.

laughykate said...

HAH! So right, Janie.