Saturday, December 10, 2011

When Less is More.

There's lots of things I like about Christmas. I suppose it's just the festivity of it all. It's also a real social full stop, 'We must catch up before Christmas'. Consequently, all social real estate has been sold this week.

However one thing that's guaranteed to extinguish my festive spirit is when retailers start telling you about it in October. I am happy to embrace Christmas in December but try telling me about it earlier and I'm wanting to lock Santa in a wardrobe whilst wagging my finger and telling him that that less is more.

I mean, would we appreciate the Franklin Road lights if they were on for three months a year? I live just around the corner and last year I spent a lot of December traipsing up and down the road looking at the amazing spectacle of it.

I think the thing that makes these lights even more special is that they're only on for the month of December, they're not trying to muscle into November or January and that's a good thing.

Christmas, I love it - in December.


Janie Jones said...

Oooh. I love the second and the third photo, nicely done! No wonder you love to wander along and gaze upon the twinkly-bright. However, as you know, I'm a Great White Northerner, and Christmas is just not Christmas without 3 feet of snow. I love the irony of icicle lights in the summer.

Merry Christmas Laughykate! Thanks for sharing, it is a beautiful time of year no matter the weather.

laughykate said...

And Merry Christmas to you too! I have some friends from England who have just moved here and they keep saying (about our summer Christmas), 'It's just wrong!'